Monday, December 5, 2011

A world without nurses | Isang mundong walang mga nars

A world without nurses. Video by AUSMED Education
I have to ask you this: Can you imagine a world without nurses?
For me, I can't even imagine a hospital without nurses. (and that's not just because I am a nurse too.) I would like to tell you more about my opinion regarding this but I wouldn't like to spoil the mood for you to watch this video made by AUSMED Education. It depicts the current and REAL importance of nurses here in this world and what would the consequences be if we (I have purposefully included myself) are few.

Here's a transcript of the video:

A world without nurses:
What would it mean?
There are 7 Billion ++ people in the world,
but only 17 million nurses.
Why should you care?
Fewer nurses means:
your life could be shorter,
you have a higher chance of getting a serious infection,
you may experience more complications from surgery or hospitalization.
Less nurses could mean life or death for acute care patients.
Nurses can help you live longer, healthier and even happier lives.
What's their secret?
Nurses care for people, not conditions,
evaluate the whole person,
educate people,
and make prevention a priority.
While technology and research advances,
so does the knowledge/ intelligence of our nurses:
from tertiary study
and clinical placement
to continued professional development.
Why? because education improves care.
(seminars, study days, textbooks, online learning, conferences)
Nurses are also getting older:
more than half of nurses are over 40,
20% of nurses will reach the age of retirement in the next 5 years.
Many nations share a common problem:
a critical shortage of nurses!
United States alone could need 1 million more nurses by 2020.
Australian officials estimate 90,000 will retire by 2020.
In the United Kingdom, around 180,000 are expected to retire within the next 10 years--
that's nearly half of their nurses.
In a world without nurses,
Who will care for your loved ones?
who will manage people with chronic illness?
Who will look after you?
Why should you care?

Video courtesy: AUSMED Education (

OPINYON: Pinapatunayan lang nito na WALANG OVERSUPPLY NG NARS dito sa mundo (o maging dito sa Pilipinas). Kung meron man, hindi naman siguro namin kasalanan na hindi gaanong pinahahalagahan ng pamahalaan ang kalusugan ng mga mamamayan sa puntong pati ba naman ito ay tinitipid (walang gaanong badyet para rito o kung meron man ay hindi napamamahalaan ng maayos ng mga otoridad).


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